Public Policy

Relevance of public policy to the private sector

On a strategic level, government relations can have a significant impact on corporate development considerations.

XPX Partners provides advice in relation to political and regulatory topics across Europe and internationally in selected countries. At EU level we cover the European Institutions (EU Commission, EU Parliament, Council of Ministers) and on a national level the respective governments, parliaments and regulatory bodies. Our Associate Partners who are dedicated public policy experts have a deep political understanding and experience within their region.

xpx public policy lobby government
Public Sector Business Development
  • Concessions
  • PPP / Public Private Partnerships
  • Public procurement
Funding Programmes
  • National funding programs
  • EU funding programs
Political Risk Advisory
  • Political risk assessment
  • Defense advisory
  • Crisis planning
  • Market liberalization
  • State aid
  • Political and regulatory research and intelligence
  • Industry specific legislation and regulation
  • Competition – mergers and anti-trust