Fairness Opinion

Unbiased fairness opinion

XPX Partners helps shareholders, boards of directors, and other stakeholders to fulfill their fiduciary duties by providing them with comprehensive analysis and unbiased opinion on the financial fairness of pending transactions.

We are often engaged in complex projects involving various change-of-control scenarios including:

  • Mergers involving synergies
  • Competitive bid transactions
  • Transactions involving related parties
  • Down round financing
xpx partners fairness opinion asset valuation report
Business Valuation Analysis

An independent business valuation analysis can be conducted for all or parts of a business. Such a valuation requires specialised industry specific know-how to reflect the relevant sector specific valuation drivers and trends.

The business valuation analysis is based on a comprehensive financial model, including projections. Generally accepted valuation techniques such as discounted cash flow (DCF), trading multiples, transaction multiples and the net asset value approach are combined to determine the fair market value.

Asset Valuation Report

XPX Partners’ asset valuation services are predominantly rendered to creditors that require an independent valuation of the collateral pledged for a particular debt facility or to validate the fairness of a transaction. Such asset valuations are typically updated periodically.

XPX Partners’ provides asset valuation reports for the transport segment, specifically including railway / rolling stock. Asset valuation reports can include an assessment of fair market value (including net asset value and present value), future value development as well as technical, maintenance and regulatory aspects. Our technical partners have the highest globally available accreditation.